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Web Design in Dublin and Ireland

Our Systems & Websites

We ensure that our systems are tested to a high standard and are maintained for optimum performance at all times.

We run statistical monitoring tools to ensure the speed of our databases meet the customer's requirements.

We know your data is key. We will provide secure access to your system and encrypt all sensitive information.



We offer a wide range of services for SMEs. Getting the right website is always difficult. We aim to help small businesses get their requirements right before they implement a new website. We develop static and dynamic websites for small to medium business enterprises..


We are now offering new introductory prices for web design. Whether you require just a basic website or a more dynamic website we can provide it within your budget. Contact us now for more details. New business startups get 10% discount on the prices below.

  • Basic Website: 5 pages (€ 499)
  • Pro Website: 10 pages (€ 899)
  • Deluxe Website: 15 pages (€ 1299)
  • Web Application: On Request
  • Recession Deal: 3 Page Website (€ 299)
  • Recession Deal: 4 Page Website (€ 399)

Other services

  • Add Forum: php or asp (€ 499)
  • Face Lift Your Website (€ 299)
  • Add basic shopping cart: Paypal, etc (€ 299)
  • Blog: php or (€ 299)
  • CMS Solution: On Request

All prices ex VAT.

All our websites are made to international W3C Standards

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Web APP Solutions

We have worked on a varied number of websites and web applications in the past and can provide you with good design principles from day one. We can help spec the website or application and validate it against your business.

Business Management Order Management Websites
Transport Websites Inventory Websites
Performance Tools Tracking Websites
e-Catalogues Customer Survey Websites
Ticketing Websites Online Reporting
CRM Website and Apps Data Warehousing

Business IT Consultancyprocess

Involved as an impartial 3rd party or actively involved in project decisions. Either way we act in your best interests.

  • Systems Design & Development
  • Website Design
  • Database Design
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Six Sigma & Improvement Projects




Six Sigma is a statistical methodology focused on reducing variation in any process. The process is evaluated through a number of steps to determine the level of variation and then future study is done to identify root causes.

Root causes are targeted in such a way so as to maximise the reduction in variation, which in turn reduces the possibility of errors in the process.

Low variation in a process ensures reliable results.

DMAIC is a model for Six Sigma. It consists of the following project phases:

DEFINE Define the problem. Using the SMART principles
MEASURE Measure the problem and its effects
ANALYSE Analyse the measurements in depth to identify root causes
IMPROVE Implement improvements to reduce variation
CONTROL Monitor the improvements to ensure that the process doesn't regress